Complaint Channel

The Whistleblower Channel is the mechanism that JOROFON S.L. makes available to all employees, management and administration of the Group's companies, and third parties related to them, including suppliers and contractors, shareholders, volunteers, interns, and trainees, to report any information related to any Group company that may involve:

• A possible irregularity or act contrary to any applicable internal regulations
• A possible irregularity or act contrary to legality
• A possible administrative irregularity

The channel is accessible through the following means:

• Email address:
• Telephone number: 972222157
• Postal address: Can Sunyer, 48 Girona 17007

Reports can be made anonymously if desired. In this case, it is important to note that the metadata of a file provides structured information about its content, such as the creation date, file type, and, notably, the author. This last piece of information can potentially identify the creator of the file without needing to open it. If you wish to make an anonymous report, you should remove the metadata from the files you intend to send (How to remove metadata).

Alternatively, you may include contact information with the report form. The information collected in the report will be handled securely and confidentially.

Upon request, reports can also be made through in-person meetings, for which a request should be made through one of the communication channels mentioned above.

In addition to the detailed access methods, individuals can also approach the Independent Whistleblower Protection Authority.
Reports received are processed promptly and diligently, verifying them and taking measures for resolution in accordance with the internal procedures established in JOROFON S.L.'s Internal Information Management Policy.